Storm Spotter Classes Scheduled for Spring 2024

The ARES Standardized Training Plan AKA The ARES Task Book, suggests that all ARES operators should have Storm Spotter Training at least every other year. To support the National Weather Service has scheduled 4 Storm Spotter training in our area (Dane and Iowa Counties) this spring.

The classes are scheduled as follows:

  • March 21, 1:30PM, Iowa County Sheriff’s Department Conference Room
  • March 21, 6:30PM, Iowa County Sheriff’s Department Conference Room
  • April 2, 1:00PM, Mount Horeb Public Library
  • April 2, 6:30PM, FItchburg, Dane County EOC

For more information on attending and on how to register for virtual attendance if needed please go to the NWS web site here: . Please note you may have to register, click on the event in the calendar on the page for any additional information.