How to Become a Member

We are always encouraging new members to join! If you would like to volunteer your time and services to this public service, you’re invited to apply for membership. The only requirement for applying is that you hold a valid amateur radio license. Don’t have a license yet? Contact us and we’ll help you get started!

To apply for membership, fill out this Contact and Capability Google form and we will add you to our mailing list so you will know when our next meeting will be. You are also welcome to join us on Wednesday evenings at 8pm on the MARA 147.150 Repeater for our weekly Net. If you have any questions you can either check into the weekly radio net, or send us a message using the contact us form.

Membership Requirements

Members are expected to complete the following requirements to maintain a full member deployable status. New members should attempt to complete these within six months. These requirements are set by Wisconsin ARES/RACES and include:

  • Participate in twelve Dane County ARES/RACES radio nets per year
  • Participate in one ARES/RACES activation (either Skywarn or other) per year
  • Attend one ARES/RACES meeting per year
  • Send one NTS radiogram (or ICS-213) per quarter indicating the member is still interested in retaining membership
    • This must be in one of the official messaging formats including on the air, e-mail, Winlink, etc.
  • Be a contributor to the team in the eyes of the Emergency Coordinator
  • Attend Skywarn training at least once every two years
  • Completion of IS-100 and IS-700 online FEMA training courses